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Plum Crisp

2014 July 22
by admin

I did a weird thing the other day.  I was given a bunch of plums and instead of immediately stalking my favorite blogs for recipes I whipped out a cookbook.  Specifically, I started browsing Betty Crocker’s “New Cookbook” which is far from new and up to date.  It had not one recipe for plums or crisps but I adapted heavily a recipe written for peach cobbler to make this delicious dessert.


Not only did I change the fruits and types of fats out (peaches and plums are similar enough, right?) but I also added oats in place of extra flour in the topping.  Brief research indicates that this difference makes the pivotal change that causes the dessert to be a crisp and not a cobbler.

The result, regardless of the name, was mighty delicious.  The deep purple plums made for quite a striking dessert to look at as well.


Tomato, Peach, and Cucumber Salad

2014 July 13

We live in Peach Country, SC.  We are even a part of the local Peach Festival every year.


Naturally, any peach lover would agree that the best way to eat peaches is to dive in, get sloppy, and enjoy the fruit in its natural state.  But sometimes a person buys more peaches than she can eat in a given week.  And you find yourself eating peaches with and for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This is another great recipe that takes peaches out of your usual comfort zone by pairing them with tomatoes and cucumbers in a salad that is great as a side dish for a summery lunch or dinner.




Cucumber Ricotta Flatbread

2014 July 1
by admin

This is sort of gross.  Obviously, being that we have horses, we have a giant manure pile.  On a whim, my husband threw a packet of cucumber seeds in the pile and up cropped some cucumber plants a few days later.  It is a wonderfully low maintenance garden (though keeping the horses away from ravaging it has been a little bit of a feat).


The problem with home gardens, I’ve found, is that all at once the produce is ready.  Whether you like it or not, you must be prepared to deal with an abundance of cucumbers, or tomatoes, or whatever.  Really, more than you desire dealing with.  I’d had enough of cucumber salads and or cucumbers dipped in hummus.

I found myself making calzones for dinner recently and decided to bake a blank dough round to create some sort of cucumber concoction.  I had a gallon of whole milk in the refrigerator so I whipped up some homemade ricotta cheese, spread it atop the dough round, and then placed fresh cucumber slices, dried dill, and olive oil on top.  This was an awesome, fresh appetizer!  As you can see, it really isn’t much of a recipe as much as it is an idea, so I’ll link the recipes I used for the dough and cheese below and you can go from there.