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Pasta with Paprikash Sauce

2009 February 6

This was a great winter meal.  The spice was mild and the creamy tomato sauce really warmed us up.  The original recipe called for linguini, but any pasta shape will work.  


Pasta with Paprikash Sauce (adapted from Cooking Class magazine)

1 medium onion

2 medium bell peppers

1 clove garlic 

8 oz pasta

2 T AP flour

4 t Hungarian sweet paprika

1/2 t salt

1/4 ground pepper

8 oz tomato sauce

1 c vegetable broth

4 oz sour cream

Slice onion and bell peppers into lengthwise strips.  Saute about 10 minutes with minced garlic.  Whisk spices and flour together in a bowl and add to pepper mixture.  Cook approximately 3 minutes.  Add tomato sauce and broth and reduce sauce mixture to desired consistency.

Place sour cream in a separate bowl and incorporate one ladle of the tomato sauce to bring the sour cream up to temperature.  Gradually incorporate the warmed sour cream into the tomato sauce and keep warm.  Do not boil.  Serve over hot pasta.