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Banana Ice Cream

2012 July 2
by admin

It is 10:01 pm.  I’m sitting in the living room.  The puppy is annoying the old dogs, who are on their sides panting heavily.  Vinny keeps running into the kitchen and my husband and I are alternating the task of chasing him out of the kitchen – where he knows he doesn’t belong.

The cat is locked in the bathroom because we don’t want to make him defend himself from the dogs, who enjoy the chase game far too much.

The TV is the loudest it has ever been.  The volume is jacked up because it is competing with an old box fan we stole from the barn and lodged in the window.

The air conditioning broke yesterday.  It’s been over 100 for three days.  77% humidity.  Hell.  By 9am the horses have little tiny waterfalls of sweat running down their front legs, carving a path through the dust that’s stuck to their hooves.


This situation requires ice cream.  If I actually had ice cream in my possession I would throw all dictums of healthy eating out the window and new found resolution out and eat away – probably straight out of the carton (who can dirty more dishes in this heat?).  I don’t have any ice cream.  It is called setting myself up for success.

I did have some frozen bananas.

You might have heard of banana softserve.  I’m not sure where I spied it first – many, many times I’ve seen it pop up on the internet.  It is certainly not my original idea but I have no idea where to point you if you’re in search of the original puree-er of bananas (other than to google).

So, you take perfectly ripe bananas and slice them.  Freeze them.  When your ice cream need strikes, dump the frozen bananas into a food processor blender and pulse until fully pureed to a softserve ice cream like consistency.  You can pop it back in the freezer for 5 or so minutes to chill it down a little more or eat it right away.

This rendition is plain banana and tastes like bananas.  You could always add a drizzle of chocolate sauce, peanut butter, cinnamon, caramel.  The possibilities are endless.

As for me and the heat?  It is getting down to 77 degrees overnight so I’m thinking the only way I’ll get some sleep is by snuggling up on the screened in porch.  Bobby the repairman comes tomorrow.