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Hawaiian Pork Sandwiches

2012 August 22
by admin

I remember being thoroughly impressed by the amount of bread consumed by a wonderful family for which I nannied.  I’d open the pantry after grocery day and see loaves upon loaves and varieties of bread and SWORE that I’d watch those precious artisan loaves mold and stale despite my conscious effort to feed them to the children.  It never failed, however, that by the end of the week, the carbs had all but disappeared.  Those people could eat some bread!

Do you ever get in carb fights with your significant other?  Or is it just me?

My husband insists on having as many types of bread as possible.  He wants to keep english muffins on hand, artisan mountain bread on hand, a nice loaf of sandwich bread on hand, of course, tortillas on hand.  All the time.  Despite the fact that I haven’t planned sandwiches for dinner.

He says Southerners don’t appreciate bread like his Yankee folk.  I say it is just practical.  He doesn’t like frozen bread.  I don’t like moldy bread.  I do the shopping.  We get one type of bread (unless I make another type homemade).

So.  Sometimes we eat burgers on English Muffins or tuna salad on hot dog rolls.  It all tastes the same, no?  No: that’s what my husband says.

Anyway.  When I set out to make the pumpernickel soft pretzels I knew that I’d be stressing about all the bread to be eaten so I made sure to shape some into rolls that would be perfect for sandwiches.  These sandwiches paired perfectly with the salty pretzel roll but any carb will do.  The pork is slightly sweet from the glaze, the pineapple is warm and complements it all perfectly, and the cheese is, well, cheesy.
Hawaiian Pork Sandwiches (inspired by So Tasty, So Yummy)


pineapple rings
slices of cheese, white American or provolone
Asian style pork tenderloin, sliced rather than shredded as the recipe indicates

In a skillet heated on the stove to medium heat, cook pineapple rings until they begin to brown.  Assemble sandwiches by layering slices of pork tenderloin, cheese, and a pineapple ring.