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Stuffed Bell Pepper Casserole

2012 November 7

The Omnivore tells stories of how, when he was a 21 year old first year high school math teacher, he’d fantasize about driving past the exit for his school in the morning before work and just driving and driving…ending up anywhere but that public high school in CT.


I had a similar sort of fantasy on the way to school this week.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to school.  I love going to school.  It was that I heard a news report on NPR about the devastation in New Jersey (and the other areas affected by Hurricane Sandy) and I felt this strong urge to go to the Northeast and help.  I just wanted to turn my car north and drive until I saw someone who needed help.


My husband was out of town in Atlanta that day working.  When we spoke on the phone at the end of the day he told me how his job that was on the books for November had been canceled due to the storm.  I was mad because he’d already made flight and hotel arrangements and didn’t think he could be reimbursed for the flight.  He reported that he almost wanted to fly up there anyway and just find someone to help.

Neither one of us can afford to drop everything here in South Carolina and migrate to the northeast for relief, but there are small ways we can help out from hundreds of miles away.  That day I desired to drive and drive until I hit New Jersey, I used my high school biology classroom as a vehicle for informing the kids of the natural disaster (let’s face it, 9th and 10th graders don’t spend much time catching the news) and brainstormed biological consequences of the disaster thanks to this NPR radio show.


So I used my classroom to help from afar and I can also use my blog.

Today you’ll see tons of your favorite blogs, and you’ll find new favorites, too, banding together to raise awareness for the need for help to our fellow Americans. Click the badge below to be linked directly to the Red Cross for donations.

We were asked to cook comfort foods – a dish you’d take to a person or family in need – to help share the concept of comforting and giving back.  I’ve made stuffed bell pepper casserole.  Stuffed bell peppers are a classicly comforting dish but turning them into a casserole makes it that much more homey.  This meal was fantastic and was created from my reading of at least 20 stuffed bell pepper and casserole recipes.  My biggest hangup was that no casserole I read included uncooked rice in it – all included cooked rice.  I was far too lazy for that so this is what I came up with based on the nearly 2 dozen recipes I perused on google.


  • Jenn

    It’s the perfect comfort dish, Branny, thanks so much for participating!

  • Kate

    I love how you never stop giving.

  • KudosKitchen-Renee

    This looks delicious Branny. Nice to meet you through #FBS4Sandy

    I’m pleased to have participated and have the opportunity to meet so many new and truly thoughtful and giving food boggers like yourself!

  • Corinne Romero

    Sounds Good. How could I adapt this recipe to cook in slow cooker? Thanks for your help. Corinne/Colorado

  • Staci Sharp

    I made this dish this weekend and it turned out pretty good, but my rice wasn’t totally cooked and I still had a lot of liquid left after the 15 minute wait period. I could have waited longer, but not much and I don’t think it would have made that much of a difference. The one thing I can think is I couldn’t find petite diced tomatoes and used regular diced. Maybe there is more liquid in those?? Or, were those supposed to be drained? I’d love to hear any tips or suggestions if anyone has any.

    • branny

      So you baked for 1 hour and 15 minutes and the liquid wasn’t absorbed? That is incredible! Not sure how to help. Did you use brown rice?