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Sweet Potato Casserole

2012 December 3

It may be a crime to all food bloggers but I must confession: I sincerely tried to get out of Thanksgiving this year.  Who wants to host?, you may think.  I’m not saying I was trying to get out of hosting the big day.  I was trying to get out of hosting Thanksgiving, eating Thanksgiving, acknowledging Thanksgiving.


The reasons for my desire to abandon all things I love (cooking, eating, family) are various and likely unimportant to you.  What you might care about, however, is the fact that in the end, I was unsuccessful at my attempt to wallow in a nice hearty chili instead of a turkey meal and I ended up cooking, eating, and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

This sweet potato casserole is a super lightened up version of what you might be used to.  It truly is only subtly sweet, not sickeningly so, and has no fat added.  Not only is it  a color addition to the Thanksgiving plate that can be so often an array of monotone browns and tans, but it is a delicious addition, too.

  • Melanie

    Just what I need for next year’s Thanksgiving. The one we had this year was way too sweet and definitely not very healthy. Thank you!!

  • Kate

    Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.