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Avocado, bacon, and egg sandwich

2013 February 5

Not every night can’t be a main course with two side dishes night.  But if life gets in the way and you have to settle for sandwiches for dinner you don’t have to be forced to eat ham and cheese.


I’ll be the first to admit, I feel super guilty simply serving sandwiches for dinner.  Somehow, though, when the sandwich is warm and full of interesting ingredients it isn’t so bad.  I served this meal with leftover baked beans and it took everything in our being to hold ourselves back from round 2 of the entire meal.


  • The Home Cook

    This is a drool-worthy photo. I feel like I could reach through the screen and take a bite. I wish I had English muffins on hand so I could make one now.

  • Laura

    I love bacon and egg sandwiches with lettuce and tomato on them. But avocado? Oh my. Gonna give this one a go soon, Branny! :)

  • Nicole Plzak

    This looks amazing! I love a good breakfast sandwich. [beautiful photo too]

  • evabakes

    I’ll take 8 of those, please.

  • Suzanne | kokocooks

    This looks very similar to the egg sandwich I eat every morning. I usually have cheese and avocado on mine, but will occasionally slip in a slice of bacon.

  • Kate

    Too funny – I have the same thing on the menu for dinner on Friday – without the egg!

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