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‘Light as air’ Semolina Bread

2013 February 12
by admin

I was shopping with some friends when the topic of homemade pasta came up.  I frankly asked, “Does semolina flour really make a difference?”  Heather’s look said it all; no words necessary.  I grabbed a couple of pounds of the flour and had aspirations of making some awesome pasta.


Somehow, though, the thought of semolina bread entered my mind when it came time to cook with my newfound ingredient.  I read quite a few bread recipes but being that I’m one for instant gratification and making homemade bread delays that plenty, I wasn’t interested in those recipes that required a day-old-starter or sponge.


This recipe was titled by King Arthur Flour to be “light as air.”  Even though I used wheat flour instead of the all-purpose the bread was still incredibly soft and light.  I can only imagine the results with white flour.


No complaints regarding the dough here.  Easy to work with and it behaved as it should.  I didn’t even pull out my stand mixer to make it.  I whipped it together with a wooden spoon and then kneaded by hand.


Between dinner and breakfast the next day, only a small piece remained (as a snack for one of the horses!).  I’ll definitely be making this recipe again – probably the very next time I feel the craving for bread.  The semolina flour was SO worth it and made all the difference.



  • Kate

    I’ve done semolina pasta, but never semolina bread!