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Homemade Black Licorice

2013 February 19
by admin

When I was a kid my parents used to drop me off at the town’s local movie theater.  I’d meet up with my other pre-teen friends and we’d behave as if we were the coolest kids on the planet.  I’d also buy a coke (yes, lowercase ‘c’ because where I’m from ‘coke’ is synonymous with any type of soda) and some Twizzlers.


In high school as a senior I was allowed to leave the campus for lunch and sometimes I’d go to a natural foods healthfood store and pick up natural, black licorice.  I’m a licorice fan.


I never thought I’d make licorice at home.  Who would have thought that it was even possible?  Not me.  Thank goodness for the internet and some reliable recipe sources.


This stuff is buttery delicious.  I know that sounds like an odd adjective but seriously, the candy is buttery.  It is chewy and molasses-y.  It’s better than the natural stuff from the healthfood stuff and it is leaps and bounds better than Twizzlers.  It couldn’t be easier to make, either.



  • Nicole Plzak

    I am not a licorice fan but this sounds awesome!

  • akindependent

    I can’t find black licorice anymore. Now I don’t have to hunt. Many thanks!

  • Annie

    OMG, my husband is going to wet his pants. He adores licorice. And he loves when I make homemade anything for him.

  • Wendy

    I LOVE black licorice (really any other color isn’t licorice at all). As a little girl, I would share this love with my maternal grandmother, who was the only other person I knew who would eat it. Now whenever I have a piece, I think of her with a smile. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Kate

    I prefer red licorice to black – I don’t love the anise flavor. I wonder if I would like homemade licorice without the extract…

  • Bridget

    Wow, I had no idea licorice would have butter, sweetened condensed milk, and molasses in it. Very interesting! I’m curious to compare this recipe to the ingredients on Twizzlers now.

  • fra

    Do you think the results would be the same if I used Earth Balance butter (a non-animal product butter)? No against using real butter, just curious if it would alter the taste or texture at all

    • branny

      Actually i think it would work ok, but i haven’t tried it.

  • Faith

    Hi, I’ve been looking at BL recipes all day. Does this taste like…caramel black licorice, or actual black licorice? I don’t really want the caramel taste.
    Thank so much, you’re looks great! I really want to try it!

    • branny

      It did not have a caramel flavor. Good luck

      • Faith -

        Hey Branny,
        Thanks for getting back! One more question. What do you think about using Bread Flour instead of Wheat Flour? I thought maybe it’d make it more chewy? Sorry, you’re the only one who seems to have any reviews I can find?!! I’m just picking your brain before I try it!
        Thanks again!

        • branny

          Hm. Well I think bread flour makes things chewy when kneading is involved to develop gluten. That process isn’t really used here so I don’t think that much a difference would be made. Besides, this stuff is already chewy!

          • Faith -

            Well, I tried it. Was I supposed to stir it or not stir it? I thought I was, then I didn’t…at 226 it was scorching, so I took it off the heat. I don’t think I did it right? My first kinda taste, tasted kinda…chalky, grainy. WW? Well, might give it one more try. Any suggestions?

          • Faith -

            Hum…patience is a virtue?! ;) Went back and tasted it…OH MY!!!!
            IT IS SOOO GOOD!!! JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!!! Thank you!! I love it!! So awesome!!! And…thanks for being patient with me, and also for posting this post!

          • admin

            I’m so pleased for you!

  • Traste

    Liquorice? More like black anise flavored candy as there is no Glycyrrhiza glabra extract involved. Probably tasty anyway, just saying.

  • Suez

    Mmmm! This is my second time making this wonderful treat. It goes quickly! Thanks!

  • Megan

    Hi, could someone please let me know how long this lasts? I want to make some for Christmas :)

    • branny

      i think it is best eaten within two weeks. it definitely lasts longer but begins to get too soft.

  • ed

    My licorice turned HARD, and I only brought it to 255 F degrees. Why would my licorice have hardened?