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Broccoli Pesto Pasta

2013 May 9

I remember when I was first getting into cooking, I was obsessed with the thought of getting a food processor.  The Omnivore would be on his way to Lowe’s and I’d go along for the trip to the home improvement store for the sole reason of looking at food processors.

I’d bookmark recipes that I thought could only be made with a food processor (which obviously isn’t true as amazing things have been made for centuries without food processors) and then talk incessantly about them.



This recipe is one that I’d file under “food processor” and if you are on the fence about making the purchase, this should send you over the edge.  I’ve made broccoli pesto before but this one definitely has a different spin.  It is more chunky than saucy and more complex and varied.  I used chick peas for bulk and protein but I don’t see why a cup or so of shredded chicken or even cooked shrimp couldn’t work.



  • Kate

    The goat cheese addition is brilliant.

  • Suzanne

    The broccoli pesto looks so vibrant! I’ve made pest with broccoli rabe before, but haven’t tried it with the florets.