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Cheddar Crusted Apple Pie

2013 May 16
by admin

My mom’s husband (I hesitate to call him my step-dad because they were married after I was out of the house and married myself, after all) has a thing for apple pie.  He talks about his late wife’s excellent apple pie and it is clear that those memories hold a special place in his heart.  When you combine love, nostalgia, and sweets there’s almost no beating the memory you have of something you can’t ever taste again.  There’s no point in even attempting to make the pie of his past.



So when you’re up against those kind of standards it is best just to turn the other way and make something completely new and different.  Enter: apple cheddar pie.

I remember the first time I encountered this combination of cheddar and apples.  During college I worked at the circulation desk in the library and I often shared shifts with this Greek boy, Morgan.  He was an eccentric sort – decidedly intelligent but belligerently lazy.  I would peer across our shared desk, jealous of his ability to live-and-let-live and be happy with a C in college classes.  He adored the combination of cheddar and apples and remember him, once, talking incessantly about how delicious it was.  I was skeptical but intrigued.


I didn’t try the combination but I started comparing it to my love of pineapple on pizza, the presence of grapes on cheese platters, and raisins in chicken salad.  The combination makes sense.  But should it pass as dessert?



It should pass as an any-time-of-day treat.  This crust was amazing.  AMAZING.  So cheddary.  So flaky.  Easy to work with.  The Omnivore, who was very skeptical of this treat, adored the recipe as well.  The filling was perfectly consistent – not runny and gooey.  It was a tad lemony from the addition of both lemon zest and lemon juice so next time I’d omit the zest.


  • mama

    you were brave, and very successful! wish i could have more ( did have more than you did)!

  • Kate

    Cheddar and apple pie is such a classic combination – and I’ve yet to try it!

  • Kelsey Morgan

    I’ve had ann apple-cheddar pie bookmarked for ages. You post have reminded me of how much I want to make it!