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Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips

2013 June 14

“That’s no way to have a marriage,” my dad wrote in an email once, remarking on the frequency with with the Omnivore travels for work.

Sometimes he drives to neighboring states; sometimes he flies to different timezones.  I used to clear my schedule to drop him off at the airport.


I would pack him homemade dinners to eat in the hotel room if he was driving; I’d send him off with cookies in his suitcase if he was flying.  I’d track his flight on Delta’s website and kept a catalog of flight numbers, hotel reservations, and emergency contacts.  There were times that I’d pick him up from the airport with helium balloons, a hug, and a kiss like we’d been apart for centuries.


But when traveling is happening routinely it becomes part of your lifestyle.  Soon, very soon, it no longer became a priority to clear my schedule to chauffeur my capable husband to and from the airport.  The more often he starting flying, the sooner I realized his plane wasn’t going to go down in smoke; I didn’t need those flight numbers.  The hotel information?  Yes, that would still be a good thing to hold on to, but we both get lazy, I guess.


I think we both prefer having him home.  There are some benefits to him being gone, though.  For instance, I spent $8.17 on various groceries on Monday and have been eating quite mightily all week long.  This kale chip recipe is one that I am quite certain he would not enjoy.  Not because it isn’t delicious and addictive – it really is.  He just has a mental block against kale.  It sucks, really.

We’ve all been through the fad of baked kale chips (ZOMG!) but these are better – and that’s because they are salt and vinegar baked kale chips.  How can I describe these?  They simultaneously dissolve and explode in your mouth.  They are tangy and salty which is what a good snack should be.  I used a salad spinner to evenly distribute the oil and the vinegar and I suggest, if possible, you do the same!


I’d like to mention that I was given a copy of the book, Kale, to review.  I have made three recipes from each, and although I made slight adaptations to each, they were all delicious.  The book itself appeals to me because it is not only filled with 75 recipes but has highly informative facts about kale and other superfoods.  The book is affordable and interesting so if you are into kale, give it a chance!


  • ItsJoelen

    Now this is a recipe I can do with kale!

  • threesquarechef

    Love this idea. And great pohots!

  • Hill

    What a beautiful post. And yummy recipe :)

  • Grace@

    I recently made these with balsamic vinegar. They were great, but I’m dying to try them with red wine vinegar for that real potato-chip like resemblance!

  • Kate

    I feel like I always have an abundance of kale. Something tells me if I made this, it would disappear very quickly.

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  • Donna

    Love salt & vinegar flavor…love kale (husband has a similar unexplained “aversion”….Empathising in a big way with regards to airport pick-ups, flight numbers and the like….I MUST admit, although the together time is optimal…when he’s GONE I get the “chance” to make things I KNOW only I will enjoy… these babies!…Thank you so much for these…

    P.S. Brilliance your idea for evenly distributing the “vinaigrette” via the salad spinner….just WHY I did not think of this before blows me away….Thank you for having many functioning intact brain cells…much appreciated!