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Roasted Chicken, Brie, and Balsamic Tomato Sandwiches

2013 June 25

This past week I was sitting in a noisy bar listening to the brave souls who waltz up on stage for the weekly Open Mic event.  My husband and I sat at a table, greasy burgers in front of us, with a couple of friends waiting for his turn.  Frankly, Open Mic Nights are a little too rookie for my husband.


He’s not new in the music scene.  While out to eat at restaurants girls have flocked over to ask if he is who they think he is.  He’s opened for the Indigo Girls and shared stages with Hootie and the Blowfish.


But the Omnivore is a humble guy and is test-driving a new ensemble with a fairly rookie vocalist so sitting at an Open Mic is where I found myself.  The crowd was a rowdy one – most people were there to see only one of the various acts performing, thus they’d only quiet down during the 3 songs that “their band” was playing.  In the meantime you could hear the musicians on deck tuning, drunk ladies laughing, and men shouting at sports on TV in the background.


My husband opened strong in his set with an upbeat original tune.  There was a slight battle between him and the audience for air time.  When the second song began – a quieter original tune – the noise in the bar halted.  My husband sang a song that told the story of an old country woman whose farmer husband had died and how she carried on despite her heavy, broken heart.

Now she still cooks those country meals and keeps a handsome home / she still hangs his robe upon the door / and she still counts her blessing ‘fore she goes to sleep alone / it’s just that it’s harder than before.

At band practice earlier that week one of the musicians had commented, as I assembled the sandwiches you see, that I was an artist.  What an insult compared to the people whose company I was in!


We all adored this meal.  Roasted chicken, creamy brie, and sweet balsamic roasted tomatoes melted perfectly into a hearty dinner sandwich.  Spinach added a touch of freshness but I also served the sandwiches with kale chips for an extra dose of vegetables.


  • ItsJoelen

    I love brie and how you paired it with chicken and tomatoes! I think it’s awesome he’s got such musical talent!

    • branny

      Thank you! His music made me fall in love with him.

  • Caroline {TheBarbeeHousewife}

    I love all of the components in this sandwich, so therefore, I will love this sandwich :) It looks excellent. Thanks for sharing!

    • branny

      It is a good one!

  • TheWaytoHisHeart

    That is such an amazing picture because I swear I could just reach in grab it, which I wish I could because it looks delicious!

    • branny

      I hope you make it and enjoy it soon!

  • evabakes

    Holy yum!!!

  • Suzanne

    Artists come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t belittle your talent with food!