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Baked Banana Donuts

2013 June 27
by admin

Seriously, I was amazed when I was in Canada at age 15 by the number of Tim Horton’s donut and coffee shops that appeared on street corners. They seemed even more ubiquitous than McDonald’s or Waffle Houses in the South. Although I am sure I had a donut there during my stay, I don’t remember anything about it.


I guess Tim Horton Donut shops are in the US, too, but Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts shops are much more common. My casual observations lead to me believe that Krispy Kremes are of the South and Dunkin’ Donuts are of the North. Here’s the thing: they make two completely different types of donuts.

Dunkin’ makes these dry, cake-like, or muffiny, donuts while Krispy Kreme makes hot, fresh, yeast-raised tender donuts.

Can you tell which one I like best?  Generally, I’ve found, Southerners prefer KK and Northerners prefer DD.  It makes for quite a battle of wills when this ‘mixed’ family decides to go out for donuts.


These banana donuts were made in an effort to use up the dozens of bananas my husband inadvertently left me with. They are more on the Dunkin’ Donuts continuum than on the Krispy Kreme one.  Unlike the way I described Dunkin’ Donuts sweets above (which was a negative description mostly out of my allegiance to KK), these donuts were not dry and chewy.  They were moist and glazed and slightly banana-y.  They were super easy to whip up and quick enough to bake up that it wouldn’t be a stretch to make them for breakfast one weekend morning.


  • ItsJoelen

    I’ll have to play with this using GF flour… and that dish you’ve got the donut on is super cute!

  • Lee Malerich

    15??? try about eight or nine!! that was why your canadian bucket list containing escargot was so cute! precocious little kid

  • Kate

    I grew up in the South pre-Krispy Kreme (although I recognize that many don’t consider Florida “the South”) so I’m a DD girl. But we don’t have many of either here. Instead we have these adorable little mom and pop shops that make doughnuts that I think would be right up your alley!

  • Kimberly Barlow

    These were the best donuts that I’ve ever had. I used cake flour and made a double batch. I also didn’t thin out the glaze. It was more of any icing.

  • Hilary from Cocoa Bean The Veg

    These look AMAZING! I love anything banana, and I’ve been dying to try homemade donuts. Do you think you could do it without the donut or mini-bundt mold?

  • Suzanne

    Dunkin’ Donuts’ headquarters are in MA, whereas Krisoy Kreme HQ is in NC. I know this because I’ve lived in both states. Not all DD donuts are cakey. I think the difference is mostly that most KK donuts have that sugar glaze, where most DD donuts do not. As you can tell, I’m a fan of both. Your banana donuts look so good!

  • Karen – Cinnamon Freud

    Yum, these donuts look great! I love all donuts, but my favorite are a south Texas franchise: Shipley’s. To die for and a must stop in Texas, even if it is just the shop at the airport.

  • Melody Upham

    I found this same recipe on 4 other sites…all claiming they made up the recipe…and all claiming they’re cake-like like DD. Uh no. They’re all cake-like…like cake. Definitely not dense enough to be considered a donut.