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Greek Lentil Orzo

2013 July 2
by admin

Normally, I cannot stand it when my husband comes with me to the grocery store.  We spend more money when we are there together.  He picks out oddball ingredients that he has to have.  He’ll buy a giant hunk of meat that he’s sure he’s going to cook (but he never does).


Additionally, I just like going to the grocery store myself.  (Am I turning into my father?)  I like zipping in and out of the aisles in my surefire pattern (back to front).  I like spur of the moment meal planning when encountering a great sale (and my spontaneous purchases are always followed through on since I’m the cooker in the family!).  And I like the alone time.


Or so I thought.  Lately I’ve been craving just a few extra minutes with my husband.  We’re both in education so naturally we have more time for each other during the summer…you’d think that this would NOT be the time that I want to spend more time with him since we’re each spending most full days at home with each other.  Not the case, for some reason.

I would not have been able to make this salad had he not accompanied me to the grocery store this most recent time.  I looked HIGH and LOW for the orzo.  I almost was off to the rice section thinking the silly stock boys assumed orzo was actually rice when the Omnivore piped up: “Small box – top shelf.”

This lunch was really great.  I made it in advance for visitors and it was ready (and delicious) when we were.  I served it over a bed of lettuce but it is also great alone.

  • CookingwithLT

    I love the idea of lentil and orzo together. I can’t wait to try this soon!

  • elizabeth

    Sounds like a great make ahead salad for guests. It is 1/3 c vinegar, not 1.3 cup, right?

    • branny

      yes 1/3 cup. Sorry! Enjoy!

      • Laura Onorato

        Is it 1/2 a cup of orzo … What’s 1.25?

  • Jackie

    Could you use a different cheese or do you need the potency of the feta. Not a huge feta fan, but this sounds delish

    • branny

      Do you like goat cheese? Small cubes of mozzarella would be good, too

  • Kate

    My husband is just as annoying in the grocery store. And expensive.

  • Suzanne

    What a great way to sneak in some legumes to a pasta dish. When I’m home during the summer, I get a little more irked at the husband than usual, but food shopping is always one thing we love to do together.

  • Laura Onorato

    Or maybe the orzo is 1 1/4 cups?