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Maple Snickerdoodles

2014 January 12
by admin

I’m sitting inside looking out the window, admiring clear blue skies and looking forward to temperatures that will reach the mid 60s in just a few hours.

Yesterday the rain came.  And it never stopped.  Well, it stopped at 7pm.  But it rained for 12 hours straight.  HARD.

Yesterday my husband and I decided to test our well/pump repair job we had performed on Thursday.  You see, freezing temperatures down to 9 degrees earlier this week brought our southern town screeching to a halt and brought the well for our barn to its knees.

We thought we did a great job on our repair.  Turns out the initial broken pipe we assessed in the well masked the tons of fractured pipes that were waiting further down the line.  You see, the water was escaping at the well and never making it through the rest of the piping.  Our repair job on the well enlightened us to more broken pipes throughout our barn.  It was raining inside and outside the barn.  Elevated water pipes were spewing water inside, torrential rain was outside, and soon the barn began to flood.


We cried uncle and called a plumber.  While he worked, we were on our hands and knees vacuuming water.  It was, in a word, miserable.

At the end of the day reflected on the previous few hours.  The delight of fixing the well, the realization that we had not, our calling the plumber, writing a big check, all while vacuuming a deluge of water in our barn.  One thing we learned is that we make a damn good team.

Today I think I’ll make a batch of these cookies for my teammate.  He loves the maple-y spin on the traditional snickerdoodle.  He loves the soft but chewy texture.  He even loves how they age and morph into a slightly crunchy cookie a few days after baking!

Though the day is beautiful and usually I am drawn out to the pastures to mingle with the horses, play fetch with the pit bull, and enjoy the Vitamin D, being forced outside yesterday against my will has left me longing for an inside day of cooking, baking, and cleaning.