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Dinner Rolls

2014 January 26
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by admin

It seemed like a good idea at the time: plop dinner in the crock pot in the morning and make the dinner rolls in the evening when I got home from work.  And then I spent all day at work teaching my students in the lab and the unforgiving concrete floors just got to me.  My feet, my back, my body just hurt. 


As I was walking from my car to my house I was attempting to think of any way out of dinner.  I had left my insurance card at the pharmacy a few days prior…maybe I could convince my husband that we needed to go to town to pick it up and go out to eat, also.

Rice.  We could have rice instead of rolls.  Except we’d had rice twice this week already.  And cous cous, too, so that was out as a carb alternative.

And then I walked in the door and my husband said, “WOW!  Dinner smells SO good!” and I knew that I couldn’t not make the rolls.  So, I put my heavy bags down and got to work.


When the rolls came out of the oven piping hot, I didn’t regret one bit the extra few minutes I stood with my aching body in front of the Kitchenaid mixer kneading the dough.  The rolls were delicious and perfect.  The dough was easy to work with and made a huge batch of rolls, half of which I froze for later (pre 2nd rise).


  • USA Kiwi (Kylee)

    Those look AWESOME! I’m impressed you made them on a weeknight!

    (I really need to look into delayed start on my bread maker so I have dough ready to shape and bake when *I* get home).

    Thanks for the inspiration, Mrs!

  • Krystal R.

    Way to go B!! These look beautiful! Like Kylee said, it’s always impressive to make bread on a busy worknight!! I’ve been wanting to make homemade dinner rolls for awhile, my busy butt has no excuse! I need to make these soon!

  • Mary Ellen Smith

    These look great!! When you are adding the flour to the water in the mixer, are you using the paddle or dough hook?

    • branny

      I used my hook the entire time.