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Snow Ice Cream

2014 January 29
by admin

I was just watching the evening news coverage.  Yesterday Atlanta was brought to its knees with a winter storm.  And when the coverage got to the parts about kids sleeping at school, parents walking miles to check on the kids at their schools schools, and parents whose children’s whereabouts remained unknown for hours, I just began sobbing.

That is so terrifying.  I cannot imagine.  I just can’t.

Luckily, here in South Carolina, the storm hit a few hours later than forecasted and school officials had already preemptively cancelled or released school students early.  Kids were safe and sound at home.  Hopefully their parents (and the Atlanta kids parents!), had a blast playing with them in the snow and perhaps even made a batch of snow ice cream.


This was my first time having snow ice cream.  I saw the idea on Laura’s blog, Tide and Thyme, but didn’t quite have the ingredients on hand for her recipe.  I improvised with that I had at home and I must say, this made for one awesome snow day snack!

Our area received about 2 inches of the fluffy white stuff and I gathered the requisite white stuff by simply scraping the top layer of clean, untouched snow from the rails of my back porch.  In less than 5 minutes and with barely any elbow grease, I was digging into an awesome sweet treat.  If you are making this for kids, I suggest you double the recipe below!



  • Laura @ Tide & Thyme

    I need to try a version using fresh milk. It looks perfect, and so glad you guys got to have some fun in the snow. I hope Poppy fared well!