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Chicken Parmesan Meatballs

2014 February 15

Sundays go like this: I make my our family’s grocery list.  I gather my reusable grocery bags, tell my husband I am going to the grocery store, and as I basically step out the door, he panics as if I hadn’t prepared meals or won’t buy snacks or something and immediately adds a plethora of suggestions and meal ideas to the list.  This whole experience is much more favorable than having him actually accompany me to the grocery store, so I generally put up with it.


The week these chicken Parmesan meatballs were on my menu he promptly suggested 3 meals when I announced I was heading out to go grocery shopping.  Oddly, this week he spat out: Pork Tenderloin! (I already had it on my list), big salads! (ditto), and MEATBALLS (also on the menu plan).  It was some crazy synchronicity.

What I didn’t tell him was the meatballs I had planned were chicken meatballs – something he’d surely have something to say about (meatballs should be beef!).  Turns out he noticed the ground chicken before I was able to serve him the dinner but he went into it with an open mind and adored this meal, as did I.  He commented specifically on the deliciousness of the sauce, which I can only attribute to the San Marzano tomatoes I picked up, so I suggest you do the same.  The recipe made a bunch and we had meatball grinders, pasta with meatballs, and plenty of leftovers.


  • Carol at Wild Goose Tea

    Well for a vegetarian, you post a mean meatball recipe! Laughing

    • branny

      Be sure to read the about the author section – I am no longer a vegetarian, though meatless meals still make up quite a majority of my meals. Thanks for stopping by!

  • annieseats

    So glad you guys enjoyed this! Love the funny coincidence of his meal requests that week :)