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Sopa de Pollo

2014 August 1

I adore going out to eat Mexican food.  My husband, on the other hand, does not.  For the majority of our relationship he would flat out refuse.  His excuse is that I make good enough knock-off Latin food at home.  Drives me up a wall!

The Spanish teacher where I teach high school turned me onto Sopa de Pollo at a local Mexican restaurant.  This girl has traveled all over the world to many Spanish-speaking countries so if she endorses the meal I know it is good.


Finally, with my insistence, I was able to get my husband to try this soup.  And he became obsessed.  He started asking to go to the Mexican restaurant on his own initiative.  He began ordered other things on the menu (but always ordering a to-go container of this soup as well).  He began to LOVE Mexican food.

And then I ruined it.  I ruined it by making a delicious version of Sopa de Pollo here at home.  It is so delicious and so fresh and now he has no desire to go out to eat Mexican anymore.  This soup is the best thing on a cool fall evening or warm summer night.  It is hearty and fresh.  Filling and light.  PERFECT.


  • kristen

    What do you recommend if you can’t find the Goya cilantro and tomato? I can’t seem to find that exact package at our stores.