Branny Boils Over

Branny Boils Over

When you cook the food with flavours and spices, the outcome may not look much tastier or delicious. But when you cook it with love, even the bitter guard seems sweeter than ever. Restaurants are the best place to taste a variety of all around the world foods in a single seat. It is the right choice to spend your with family especially with your kids. Because they are food lovers and they love to taste varieties of delicious foods apart from their usual cuisines. And at last, when they have their favorite ice cream as dessert, it makes them feel like a complete day.

One of the bests of the city

South Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States which is also known as iodine state is best known for its peach production and also with beautiful landscapes and hamburger stands. Apart from many hamburgers stands in South Carolina, Branny Boils Over is the unique and well-known restaurant for most tourist people from other parts of the world. It is quite famous for its elegant features and special dishes prepared by the world-class chefs. The specialty of this hotel is that here one can taste all country dishes prepared by those particular countries chefs. Hence they will bring back the taste in the food and the customers can feel the home food’s taste in our restaurant with your family and friends.

Delicacies cuisines for food lovers

Our restaurant is located at the center of the most tourist spots and hence most people often visit here during lunch and dinner. We also offer them seafood, crispy hot vegetables, salads, varieties of desserts, juices, etc at an affordable price. Our servers behave in a kind and friendly manner, especially with kids. The restaurant holds a unique style in serving the customers from menu templates to desserts. Hence it gives no reason for the customers to choose any other restaurants. Vibrant lighting textures and artistic designs add beauty to the restaurants. Our customers had also appreciated our service as much efficient and effective.

At the beginning, you will be offered a wonderful cheese board with many small bits of fruit, spreads and several fine kinds of cheese. The special dishes of the restaurant are Bouillabaisse which will be fantastic, rich flavours with shrimp and we do add shrimp shells to add more flavour, scallops, mussels & fishes with tomato, saffron & celery are the other specialties of our classy chefs. Crispy potatoes along with tomato ketchup are the most favorite cuisine of young children and adults. Our waiters will offer you plenty of recommendations and also help to make a correct decision among them especially when it is about to order your wine. Rather than pointing your tables with the number, our servers perform a unique style of hanging out different cartoons over the top, which attracts the kids and make them feel like a home.

A specialty of our pizzeria

Apart from these offerings, our restaurant professionals will also arrange a special dinner for couples. We also play light music with best musicians to make your dinner more special and enchanting. Moreover, for couples, as they most probably wish privacy, we arrange their dinner in a fantasy place along with decorations they prefer and surprise them with our efforts and also play light music to have a memorable dinner in the lifetime ever with any other service. Branny Boilsover's food delivery done by On-demand Food delivery Company Dectar We also give hands to the top people to conduct party with us and our servers will also arrange the entire surroundings according to it. So give us a chance by making your visit to offer our best service and delicious dishes ever.


43,New Cementary Road,
Awada Layout, Onitsha, Nigeria.

Phone:+234 803 339 3894